Our Application Process

Our floor coating product, NutriSkin™, is applied by a roller allowing upgrades to be conducted in virtually any location in the world with no capital investment in application equipment. Furthermore, a roller application results in lower emissions during application as no carbon fuels are required to power equipment.

These products have been designed as a single coat application, which requires less time (10 – 15 minutes) than solvent based products (usually up to 3 coats and curing time and up to 3 hours for complete application). The products can be coated over existing transferable stains, even when wet; and once cured, will prevent those stains and odours from tainting the cargo. Generally, only a sweep out and removal of lose particles and debris is required prior to application.

Shipping Container with Blue Paint

The application process has 3 steps:


Sweep out the container – there is no need for chemical washes, steam cleaning, or sanding


Using a roller, apply a single coat of NutriSkin™. There is no need to pre-measure the product, as each kit coats one 20-foot container. This process should only take 10-15 minutes.


Allow the product to cure overnight

See our application below