Working closely with the shipping container maintenance and repair industry in Australia and New Zealand, AQUIO™ has developed a water-based floor coating that reduces the cost, time, and risks involved in maintaining shipping containers for food quality shipments.

This coating, NutriSkin™ requires only a single coat which takes 10-15 minutes to apply and leaves no residual odours. In contrast, solvent-based products may require up to 3 coats, taking 3 hours to apply in addition to days of airing to remove the solvent’s harsh residual odour. In the time it would take to coat one box using a solvent-based product, a good operator could coat 12 boxes using the NutriSkin™ shipping container flooring paint.

Additionally, NutriSkin™ is applied by a roller. This allows upgrades to be conducted in virtually any location in the world with no capital investment in application equipment, reducing the need to ship empty units from the container depot and greatly reducing cost.

Features & Benefits

Meets food safety standards

Quick and easy application

Lowers costs

  • Meets US Food and Drug Administration food contact requirements

  • Meets Australian Government Department of Agriculture requirements for consumable food carriage

  • Meets New Zealand Asure Quality standards for use in food/beverage/dairy shipping containers

  • Not classified as Dangerous Goods for Road, Rail and Marine transport

  • No detectable BPA extractives (<10ppb) after 24 hours curing

  • Leaves no harsh chemical residual odours and blocks transferable stains & most odours

  • NutriSkin™ is quick and simple in application (10-15 minutes with a roller)

  • Water-based, with no chemical solvent for clean up

  • No lengthy delays in container turnaround: product cures overnight in temperatures as low as 5°C and humidity up to 90%

  • Coating it on wet (moisture and oil) floors doesn’t affect curing

  • Each kit coats one 20-foot container, reducing time wasted in pre-measuring the product

  • Supports greater control over upgrade costs

  • Can last multiple trips from a single application, reducing the M&R cost at the port of discharge

  • Requires no significant capital investment in application equipment

  • Can be upgraded at any location if the unit is structurally sound, reducing the need to ship empty units from the container depot

  • Allows container owners to tap into their old stocks of containers reducing the need to purchase new build containers